Corrosion resistant plastic strip for doors and windows

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Product information

Brand: Jiepeng

Material: ABS

Specification: customizable

Color: multi-color, customizable

Whether it can be customized: Yes

  Product advantages:material safety,environmental protection,tasteless,fine workmanship,

strong technical force,customized production of various colors and shapes of plastic extrusion processing.

  Jiepeng Plastic Hardware Products Co., a professional extrusion production and processing manufacturer

integrating design,development and production.The company mainly produces:PVC flange,edge banding strip

decorative strip,anti-collision strip,waterproof bone,sealing strip,pipe material(plastic pipe,round pipe,oval pipe,

square pipe,special-shaped pipe,hose,transparent pipe),profile,profile,PVC trunking,line pipe,plastic strip,bag

rubber strip,rubber bone Slide rail,QQ pole,soft and hard coextrusion,two-color coextrusion,rubber hose,PVC profile

PVC profile,LED lampshade,PC lampshade,PVC bellows,etc.Currently,the production materials are EVA.PVC,ABS,HDPS

LDPE,PP,PU,PE,PC,POM,etc.The factory has a production plant of more than 1000 square meters,more than personnel

who have received various professional training,advanced equipment,and a number of extrusion production lines with a

monthly output of more than 100 tons.The products are applicable to manufacturers such as bags,cars,doors and windows

furniture,toys,home appliances,building materials,lighting,etc.


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