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Identification of pvc door and window sealing strips

05 09, 2023

The quality identification method of PVC door and window sealing strip includes three aspects:

In the actual production process, the input of sealing strips accounts for a small proportion, but the role of PVC door and window sealing strips cannot be ignored. So there is no need to choose those fake products to reduce the cost. The identification method is very simple,

1、 Smell with your nose to see if there is any peculiar smell. Normal PVC material will have a little smell of alcohol, which is almost invisible.

2、 Wrap the sealing strip on the profile as tightly as possible, and place the PVC door and window sealing strip under high temperature for a period of time (on the roof or in a sunny place). Check whether the contact surface between the profile surface and the sealing strip is stained and discolored, whether the dust on the surface of the sealing strip is yellow (oil is easy to absorb soil), and whether the hands are dirty.

3、 There will be a lot of cheap sealing strip fillers, so the surface of door and window sealing strips will not be very bright, and those that are cheap and have a shiny appearance are not recommended.

4、 Look at the specific gravity, how many meters can be gained per kilogram. Many manufacturers have made great efforts in the use of fillers. In order to pursue greater output, (save a little electricity) they use things as fillers, which greatly increases the proportion of sealing strip products. (Our users generally buy by kg and use by length) This invisibly increases the cost. The PVC door and window sealing strip is stretched by hand several times, and a small amount of white powder will appear on its surface.